Collaborative Drug Therapy Management

MTM Services partners with physicians to allow MTM Pharmacist providers review and manage patient’s drug therapy. The pharmacists augment physicians and clinicians by putting their drug knowledge into practice for achieving treatment goals. 

Our CDTM covers a range of medical complications including chronic diseases, emergency contraceptives, immunizations, and one-off comprehensive medication review (CMR). 

Through the collaborative drug therapy management, practitioners are able to get the following items related to their patients: 

  1. Patient Drug Interaction Record (PDIR)
  2. Patient Drug Problem List (PDPL)
  3. Patient Medication Record (PMR)
  4. Patient Medication History (PMH)
  5. Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR)
  6. Patient Medication Action Plan (PMAP)
  7. MTM Pharmacist Intervention Report

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