Medication Therapy Management (MTM), The Epitome of Pharmacy Practice in Africa.

While pharmacists in Kenya and Africa are enslaved by dispensing and commodity management culture, the rest in the developed world are embracing evolvement of the pharmacy profession by ensuring patients benefit economically, humanistic and clinically.

Medication therapy management services have become an integral and collaborative effort and therefore pharmacists have to improve patients outcome through economic and pharmacotherapy interventions.

The benefit of practicing MTM by pharmacists is improving quality of life, access to caregivers and health care providers, a better understanding of health literacy, ensure optimal therapeutic outcomes, reduce the risks of medication-related adverse events, provide potential cost saving ( direct and indirect costs) and improve adherence for the patients.

In MTM service delivery, pharmacists assume an expanded role in medication safety, prevent medication therapy problems, disease management, and wellness programs.

Since pharmacists have the ability to obtain accurate disease and medication histories, along with a thorough understanding of primary medical problem, comorbidities, and pharmacologic effects of an individual’s medication regimen and in case where the patient is taking multiple drugs, the pharmacist has in-depth knowledge of drug interaction, should endeavor to understand development, evolution and expansion of MTM practice model. Drug utilization review and risk management are the major focus in MTM service delivery.

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