Become a proficient MTM Service provider

The MTM program is aimed at equipping pharmacists, pharmaceutical technologists, and healthcare professionals with all the skills and information they need to initiate and incorporate MTM services in their usual medication services.

What is the MTM Course about?

This is a beginner to intermediate certificate course intended to inform and educate healthcare professionals about Medication Therapy Management. The program is aimed at equipping pharmacists with all the skills and information they need to initiate and incorporate MTM services in their usual medication services.

There is an increased demand for pharmacists and pharmaceutical technologists to expand their role in the delivery of healthcare services. This calls for the medication professionals to do more through promoting better health outcomes, a goal that can be better achieved through medication therapy management (MTM) services.

The advantage is that Medication Therapy Management builds on the skills that healthcare professionals already have. It adds specific understanding and skills that are directly related to the MTM Practice.

This course consists of 12 modules that take an novice to an MTM expert in under two weeks depending on your schedule. This course is online based and is designed to be pursued based on an individual’s pace.

Top 4 reasons for taking MTM course

Additional income

MTM skills will help you expand your profession and business through providing more services.


As an MTM practitioner, providers will be in a better position to partner with insurance companies

More fulfillment

MTM skills will enable you to play the pharmacists' role in healthcare provision

Future of healthcare

The future of healthcare is personalization and MTM puts providers in that position.

Key features of the MTM Professional Course


With over 70 lessons stacked up in 12 modules, this course will teach you core aspects of MTM.


This course is supported by scientific evidence and is not merely theoretical.

Flexible learning

This course has primarily been designed to be studied remotely to your convenience.


This course takes a futuristic focus of the field of medication therapy and pharmacology.

Meet the Course Author

Dr Joseph Murithi Kathare is a champion of Medication Therapy Management Practice model in in Kenya and in Africa as a whole. 

  • He holds Diploma in Pharmaceutical technology, B. Pharm from KIU and currently pursuing MSC. In pharmacology and toxicology UoN.
  • He holds MTM certificate for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians- American MTM practice model. 
  • He runs a fully-fledged Medication Therapy Management consulting, first of its kind in Africa, which is currently in its fourth year.
  • He has trained face to face more than 50 pharmacists and given talks, seminar to more than 1000 pharmacist and pharmaceutical technologists on awareness of MTM practice model and benefit to patients on chronic medications.
  • Some of the professional associations impacted by Dr. Kathare include HOPAK ( Hospital pharmacists association of Kenya), Kenya Pharmaceutical Association (KPA), Union Kenya Registered Nurses
    He has also developed collaborative practices with several physicians

Affordable Pricing

We provide our clients with affordable pricing plans

Silver Plan

For dedicated online learning
$ 70
  • Standard Support
  • Access to 70+ online MTM Lessons
  • Free access to module updates
  • Certification at end of course

Gold Plan

Includes private coaching
$ 100
  • All benefits in Silver Plan
  • A 2-hour private coaching
  • Priority support
  • 20% discount on MTM software

Platinum Plan

For busy pharmacists
$ 150
  • All benefits in Gold Plan
  • Full private coaching
  • One month access to MTM Publications
  • Free full-year shipping on MTM products
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