MTM Services for Payers

Insurance companies are getting challenged in providing solutions to address the healthcare and economic impacts of non-adherence. At MTM LTD we developed a medication therapy management (MTM) program to address the healthcare and cost implications associated with high cost reimbursement.

MTM Limited offers solutions for supporting the efforts of payers in improving patient health, increasing member satisfaction, and reducing costs. Our Solutions for payers are designed to resolve medication-related problems for patients through medication therapy management.

How we help

  • We offer MTM Programs in collaboration with payers to promote the adherence to medication above healthcare beneficiaries. Our programs concerns designing treatment plans for individuals and monitoring medication responses for individual patients.
  • We develop training modules through which payers can educate beneficiaries on medication usage.
  • We connect Payer to our rich network of MTM services providers and other pharmacies.

MTM Programs for payers

All our MTM programs work by designing a medication treatment plan for each individual patient and monitoring a patient’s response to medications over time. These include CMR, TMR, MAP, PMP and PMPL. 

MTM in medication adherence

This program aims at reducing costs, medications and improving outcomes for beneficiaries with chronic diseases. Majority of people don’t adhere to their medications even when they have life-threatening conditions and so this create a greater need to educate patients on importance of medication adherence. The program target to save about 50% of medication costs for the payers.

MTM in cost sharing improvement for chronic diseases management

At MTM LTD, we provide an effective tool to teach beneficiaries how to maintain adherence. In this program we embark on specialized engagement that addresses the financial and educational challenges beneficiaries face when taking medications as prescribed.

Payers training and coaching on understanding MTM as a cost containment tool

This MTM program trains payers on an understanding about MTM and what are some best practices that payers can leverage in order to implement their enter into contractual agreement with MTM services providers

MTM program in risk stratification for patients

This program help payers ensure there is improved medication utilization based on key factors, such as frequency of medication use, side effects, and anticipated barriers to medication access. Insurance companies may then use this information to develop targeted engagement campaigns for individuals that may benefit from MTM.

Leveraging the power of MTM Network

MTM Limited manages a growing network of providers in both medication therapy management and other pharmaceutical functions in Kenya. We have collaborated with these providers to deliver MTM services to eligible patients with an aim of reducing medical expenses.

The benefit for Payers

Our MTM Programs enables Payers to improve medication adherence through better engagement with healthcare beneficiaries whose long-term effects are reduced healthcare expenditure per individual.

The cost of medication associated with non-adherence is estimated at $300 billion annually and bigger burden is carried by payers. This is mostly associated with chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension where beneficiaries are necessitated to take medication regularly.

With MTM Programs, Payers can monitor the medication use trends of individuals to ensure that prescriptions are refilled as required and prescriptions are strictly observed by beneficiaries.

Personalized MTM Services for Payers

MTM Limited provides personalized MTM services to payers that allows them to access medication use tools including Comprehensive Medication Review, Target Medication Review, Over The Counter (OTC) medication reports, smoking cessation reports, Transitional care reports

Lets work Together

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