MTM Pharmacist’s
Collaborative Drug Therapy
Management Agreement (CDTMAs)

MTM Limited uses a Collaborative Drug Therapy Management Agreement (CDTMA) to create formal relationships between MTM pharmacists and physicians or other providers that allow for expanded services the pharmacist can provide to patients and the healthcare team.

CDTMA explains certain patient care functions that a pharmacist can autonomously provide under specified situations and conditions. Of important note, CDTMAs are not necessary required for pharmacists to perform many patient care services (e.g., medication reviews, patient education and counseling, disease screening, referral).

CDTMAs aim at helping health care providers attain the most and accurate medication therapy outcome by collaborating with MTM LTD to conduct comprehensive medication reviews for your patients and help save money, lives and time.

Benefits of the CDTM agreement

  • Creates more time for health care provider to have with the patient
  • Guides physicians on right drug regimen
  • Saves money and lives
  • Identify medication duplication and errors
  • Assures optimal therapeutic outcomes

CDTMA Partners

So far we have managed to enter into over 50 CDTMAs successfully with various health care providers including community pharmacies, physicians, hospitals, corporates and public and private organizations.

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