Medication Therapy Management
Services Practice Model

This practice model focuses on the medication and disease outcomes for all patients with both chronic illness and acute conditions.

Why this model of service

A significant number of Kenyan population has at least one chronic illness; this means there are millions of patients on prescription drugs to help maintain their health. The witnessed prevalence of medication use results to both medical and monetary consequences if these agents are not managed safely and effectively. Sadly, our current health system is not performing well in this regard.

The prevalence of multiple drug prescription (poly-pharmacy) especially to the elderly patient is a big barrier to achievement of expected therapeutic outcome.

What the model entails

MTM Services entails MTM consultation, specialty medications, Educational classes, and medication cost concerns, prescription choices, medications interventions, and Medication Action Plan as the core elements of MTM practice model. This practice model is practiced and provided by the pharmacists.

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Dive deeper in the MTM Model and its operations in our professional course for Medication Therapy Management.

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